smovey VIBROSWING System

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In your hands.


Stimulate the hand reflex points according to
the model of traditional chinese medicine (TCM).


If used in certain cross motion patterns your smovey®
activates both the right and the left sides of your brain.


Various frequency ranges result from the size of
the components and have a positive effect on the body.


Your smovey® can refine your muscles' interaction with each other through targeted balance exercises. This helps your body to prevent falls during unexpected sudden movements.


Everybody loves the outdoors. Take your smovey® with
you to the great outdoors, the beach, and the mountains
and enjoy movement and active recreation.


Whether rain, snow or shine, at the gym or at home,
due to its multifunctionality your smovey® is an
excellent training and fitness tool.


A new type of water training for all ages, leading to improved endurance, strength and flexibility. Have fun with your smovey® and reap benefits like relieving pressure on the spine, joints, ligaments and tendons.


The actual weight is 1.1lb at standstill. The centrifugal
forces caused by the dynamic motion from swinging
can increase this weight many times over.


Burns Fat— Smovey activates 97% of the body’s muscles.

Vitalizes— over 100 million cells in the body.

Fights cellulite— Using smovey strengthens & tightens the connecting tissues that cause cellulite.

Mobilizes— the digestive system.

Accelerates— your metabolism.

Detoxifies— by massaging and relieving the lymphatic system.

Improves the immune system and the work of the thymus gland.

Strengthens— the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Firms— the arms, stomach, legs, and buttocks.

Relaxes the muscles— loosens tensions in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Bones are strengthened to prevent osteoporosis.

Reduces the symptoms— of illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis(MS), Alzheimer’s, and arthritis

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