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Dr. Zack Bush Discusses The Crucial Benefits Of Smovey VIBROSWING-System

We have an impending tsunami of Alzheimer’s that were approaching and conventional medicine has admittedly no effective treatment for this. We are here today with DR. Zack Bush and he is going to provide us with some strategies that can address Alzheimer’s and also improve optimal brain performance. “...Movement is so critical and the new German medicine that has really been exciting, that I would really recommend people to look into, is something called the smovey ring. This smovey ring you can find online and order. They are a basically about the circumference of a tennis racket, about half circle and then a handle in the middle of it and running in (this tube) are vibrating balls that will stimulate...

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Fighting Parkinson's with Exercise Specialist Carol W.

Carol W. is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Specialist & Mind/Body Specialist through the American Council on Exercise. She has taught T’ai Chi and Qigong for the past 25 years. Carol is one of only a handful of fully certified Essentrics instructors in the U.S. having studied in Montreal with Miranda Esmonde-White, the program originator. All of this previous and continuing education has provided the basis for development and ever changing of “New Pathways for Parkinson’s” Exercise Group. Carol has been teaching the program for over 16 years and move it to Las Cruses, NM in 2016. Her free class will be streaqmed soon on Parkinson’s can cause back issues and muscle cramps in legs and...

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